Welcome to StudioMöllan

This is a temporary site,  a new fancy one will appear here at some point.

StudioMöllan has three separate dedicated recording rooms. They all have a different tone to them giving a wide range of sounds. They also serve as isolation between instruments when recording live. The studio is built after the ”room within a room” principle. the floors of the two smaller rooms are built on a floating foundation using rubber sleeves for the beams then weighted down with heavy concrete slabs. The floor has a resonance frequency of 10Hz which leaves outside resonances not affecting the room.This structure supports the inner shell of the rooms made up from steel beams and multiple layers of dry wall, gypsum boards. The outer shell, which is built in the same fashion, has no contact with the inner shell minimizing structure borne sound leakage between the rooms. There’s no problem recording a hard hitting drummer in one room and a piano in the other, even if they are less than 3m apart. The studio is packed with lots of gear and everything is included in the day rate. If you should run out of inspiration it wont be far away.

A music recording studio in the heart of Malmö