Mixer: Neotek Elite II. Beautiful late eighties console with 40 mono inputs, 8 stereo inputs. As it’s an inline desk you have dual channel count ending up with over 100 inputs to the mixbus at mixdown. This particular mixer was commisioned by SR, the Swedish governmental radio, in 1988 and served out it’s years in a mobile recording truck. Since moving in here it has served lots and lots of great artists a fantastic sound yet again. Direktör Isaksson, owner of this fine establishment could not help himself so it is now modded with 14 additional buses, dedicated inserts on the stereo channels, newly design filter section on mono and stereo channels and also a new input switching module to facilitate easy changing between 24 channel tape recorder and pro tools.

Here’s the gear list:

Gear list


A music recording studio in the heart of Malmö