Premix is a StudioMöllan exclusive. To our knowledge this service is not offered elsewhere.
The theory is a more cost effective way of getting a professional mix and it also sets the final touches in the hands of the producer/artist. In short we produce all the individual tracks of a song so that they sound their best and sound good together and then let you make the final adjustments on your own. For more information on this please shoot an email to


Reamping, re-amplifying, is a good way to add excitement in a track. Lets say you have recorded drums in your on rehearsal space with a minimal amount of room sound. Then we run the drums through loudspeakers in the live room and record the ambience with a set of microphones. When mixed together with the original, dry, drum tracks it will give the impression of a natural ambience on the tracks.
Or you can reamp for special effects. Say you have a lined synth track that doesn’t really pop out in the mix. Run it out to an old tape recorder for some tape saturation or possibly even tape delay. Or reamp dry bass track to a bass amp and record that back into protools. The possibilities are endless.


The final touch on the song. We have a dedicated set of processors for mastering that will get your songs that final glow, shine, bite etc.
Mastering is no work of magic. A rough mix won’t sound as good as a well balanced one after mastering. Before the actual mastering we ned to hear the mixes and will give feedback to the mixing engineer for possible changes.
Stem mastering is also an option most commonly the bass separated from the rest of the instruments. The bass register is usually where mixes go wrong, smaller loudspeakers don’t translate well and poor acoustics will affekt how the bass is mixed. If we get the bass on a separate track and the song without bass on another track there’s a good chance we can work some serious magic. This is only if necessary though, most mixes only get the standard mastering.


The control room is stacked with gear that will get your mixes to shine. A beautiful vintage Neotek Elite II console, lots and lots of compressors and a collection of funky old gear to make the songs stand out on from the crowd. The mix will of course change depending on who’s doing the actual mixing but the studio will give all mixing engineers a good collection of inspirational tools to work with. Tape can be involved in the mixing process, also the recording rooms.


There’s an option of recording to either analog 2″ tape or to the digital Pro Tools system. Both systems offer the highest professionnel standards but no one can argue with the tape being the most exciting. Unmistakable, warm sound and a ”24-track mentality” that’ll get the musicians inspired and play their best. Tape has a tendency to take more time and would be recommended to well rehearsed bands. However there’s an option to combine the two. Record the fundament of the song, often bass drums guitar, live to tape. then transfer that to Pro Tools and continue overdubbing in the digital domain.

We have a few reels of used tape here that you can record on for a very reasonable fee but if new tape is required the actual cost for tape will be put on the artist.
The large collection of vintage microphones, preamps, processors will make sure you get the sound you want.

Before each session there will be a discussion about the recording. Purpose, number of songs, ways of recording etc etc. From there we’ll try to get the recording running as smoothly and as cost effective as possible. Also we need to make sure how much production help you need. All of the preproduction does not necessarily have to be done in the studio. A few trips to the bands rehearsal space is very common, and most often very rewarding.
If you have a small budget don’t hesitate to call. There are ways of figuring that out.

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